Campaign Design

National Conventions

In July 2016, The Hill brought its brand of serious political reporting and insightful policy coverage to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, OH the week of July 18 and Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, PA the week of July 25.

Design Responsibilities: Branding | Logo Design | Color Design | Layout (Print& Web) | Icon Design

Invisible War

The Invisible No More coalition seeks to ensure that the theatrical release of the film The Invisible War serves as a catalyst in creating a movement to cause lasting change in how the military handles sexual assault.  We engage with advocacy organizations, key policymakers, military leaders, and other stakeholders to raise public awareness, coordinate policy, and energize the grassroots to change military policy and behavior.

Design Responsibilities: Installation Design | Print Design | Icon Design

Project Collaboration & Photography: Candace Gilbert


We believe that in this particular generation, the hashtag is a powerful and fun way to communicate for kids. They can search and share the #NEVER name on all social media platforms and connect with friends. We want the notion of “NEVER” to become prominent in learning environments where bullying occurs. Children will realize that bullying is something that is absolutely “NEVER” appropriate or acceptable.

Design Responsibilities: Illustration Design | Character Design | Print Design | Layout Design | Color Design